Keeping Employees Productive

The Tips for Keeping Employees Productive and Motivated

Employees are an important and valuable asset of a company. How to build an effective system of material and non-material motivation of personnel? The article presents a comprehensive overview of the most effective methods of stimulating employees.

Simple Strategies to Help Motivate Employees

What is so important about motivation? As it turned out, it has a very large impact on both corporate culture and profit levels. Motivated employees do much more than what their job descriptions require, which means you get much more value for the same money. In recent years, personnel managers have been mastering new ways of stimulating. Not only classical economic motivation in the form of cash bonuses and high salaries is used, but also non-economic incentives.

The high productivity of the company’s employees is the main goal of the leader, but it is not so easy to achieve. It is necessary in each case to understand what measures should be taken by the management in order to increase the productivity of the staff. It is important here not to get on the wrong track due to an incorrect assessment of the source of the problem. We must not forget that the employee’s activity brings dividends only if he:

  • understands own responsibility and spheres of influence;
  • realizes the purpose of his own work;
  • knows the ways and methods of improving the efficiency of the work of the staff.

Staff motivation is the process of stimulating people to increase their productivity. But, in addition to increasing indicators such as efficiency, morale, professional implementation, and retention of staff, a serious approach to solving the problem of motivation entails positive consequences for middle and senior managers, especially for those who are always short of time due to the growing number of employees.

Which Are the Main Tips for Keeping Employees Productive and Motivated?

Many employers still make the common mistake of not giving importance to the motivation of their subordinates. Moreover, they ignore the system of bonuses – both verbal and material incentives, and often do not think at all that employees will work better, faster, and more accurately, being properly motivated. In turn, modern, wise, and up-to-date managers realize the importance of motivating employees and understand that in addition to the primitive and not always effective method of “carrot and stick”, there are a number of ways, opportunities, and secrets to improve productivity of one or another worker.

Among the main tips that keep employees productive and motivated are:

  1. Employee motivation brings results when subordinates feel recognized for their contribution to the results of work, and have a well-deserved status.
  2. Unexpected, unpredictable, and irregular incentives are more motivating than predictable ones when they almost become a fixed part of the paycheck.
  3. Show employees how to measure their own success. Let people see progress and evaluate the growth of their professionalism. A simple tool for this is keeping statistics.
  4. Have employees keep a printed or electronic chart and record the number of tasks completed, products produced, purchases made, and so on each day.
  5. Different workers have different goals and desires. It is impossible to motivate absolutely everyone with one common program. Allocate at least half an hour a month to communicate with each employee. Ask how you could make the process more enjoyable.

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